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Understanding the Funnel and Multiple Income Streams

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Understanding the Funnel and Multiple Income Streams

  • What is an Internet Marketing Funnel
  • What will you need to create an Internet Marketing Funnel?
  • How to add to your Internet Marketing Funnel to Create Multiple Income Streams

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What is an Internet Marketing Funnel

A system where you feed leads (subscribers) through a “squeeze page” and they are introduced to your programs and products automatically through your automated messages in your auto-responder.

What will you need to create an Internet Marketing Funnel?

  • Auto-Responder
  • Lead Capture Page Attached to Your Auto-Responder
  • Blog With Capture Form
  • Products/Services/Programs for sale

Creating Your Internet Marketing Funnel

  • Auto-Responder
  • Recommend GVO – Host Then Profit – Most affordable and includes hosting for your personal blog
  • Setup a Campaign With a Series of Letters about Your Products and Services

Example Auto-Responder Series

  1. Hello & Welcome
  2. Blog Post about your main business
  3. Are we connected on Skype
  4. Recommended auto-responder (GVO)
  5. Blog Post about the products you are using
  6. Invitation to connect on Facebook
  7. Recommended Training Program
  8. Blog Post about Tracking
  9. Invitation to Twitter
  10. Recommend and Advertising resource
  11. Blog post about a service you offer

Continued follow-up with Blog posts – every time you write a new blog post, you can add it as a follow up message for your subscribers

Continue to add letters for each program you belong to … including all your affiliate programs and money making adventures – and remember to add a message for each blog post you write!

Whenever you join a new resource or program, create a follow-up message in your auto-responder series for your subscribers.

Lead Capture Page

Page with your Auto-Responder Form to capture leads.  Give away a product, report, or offer tips and strategies on a particular subject. Offer something to attract subscribers.  Include your Picture and info on the page.


Your Blog –  Write about your products and services. Share with your subscribers and on Social networks

Adding to Your Funnel

Creating Multiple Income Streams ~ Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome? Add those shiny objects as simple recommendations in your Email Follow Up Series!!

Filling The Marketing Funnel

Advertise Your Lead Capture Page and attract subscribers to your list
Add personal follow-up with broadcast emails.

Continue to Feed Your Funnel EVERY DAY – #1 FOCUS

The Funnel Process

Send Traffic to your Lead Capture Page to Build Your List of Subscribers. Your new subscribers receive your follow up messages about your programs and services and SHINY OBJECTS!  Feed Your Funnel DAILY (Advertising) and Follow Up (Personally)

The Best Internet Marketing Funnel

Build 10+ income streams by building your list of subscribers! Simple steps to setup a lead capture page and invite subscribers. Complete instructions included with membership.

FREE TO JOIN ~ Add Your Shiny Objects to CLB!

Don and I are here to be of service to help you learn to adapt these simple strategies to your life and your business.

Janet & Don Legere

The Contact List Builder
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

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