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Simple Steps To Set And Achieve your Goals

Simple Steps To Set And Achieve your Goals

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The Resolution Success System

How to develop new habits and achieve real goals in just 30 days

  • Why do people fail
  • What is the RSS
  • The 10 Steps

Click the picture to download the .zip file of the Resolution Success System ( contains the file rss.pdf)


Why do people fail

  • We don’t have a system that works
  • We try and take on too much
  • We don’t believe in ourselves

What is the RSS

  • First step to understanding that you can achieve anything you want

The RSS will teach you

  • A System that works
  • How to divide and conquer your goals
  • How to believe in your ability to achieve

The 10 Steps by Devlyn Steele

  • 10 simple steps to set and achieve a 30 day goal
  • The door to everything – when you master this simple process, you learn how to get anything you want
  • Steps can be applied to any goal, personal or business
  • Recommended you use it for all your goals, learn to master the 10 steps

The 10 Steps

  1. Learn and Use a Success System
  2. Pick One and Get it Done
  3. Divide and Conquer
  4. The Rule of 20
  5. Be Proud and Clear
  6. See it to Achieve it
  7. Act as if
  8. The Law of Effort
  9. Law of Consistency
  10. Lather-Rinse-Repeat

Step 1.  Learn and Use a Success System

Focus on the system … not the goal!


“I am committed to learning the Tools To Life System”

Step 2.  Pick One and Get it Done

Pick something that matters to you – something YOU really, really, really, really, WANT – not what someone else thinks you should want .. What YOU WANT

Step 3.  Divide and Conquer

  • Start small – size matters!
  • What CAN you accomplish in 30 days?
  • Internet Marketers – how many new subscribers can you attract in the next 30 days?

BELIEVE that you CAN do it!

Step 4.  The Rule of 20

You have to understand what actions you need to take to make this goal actualize

What actions can you take RIGHT NOW


What goes on my List of 20

Your daily activities

  • Sending ads to your lists
  • Posting blog posts; recording videos
  • Writing articles
  • Adding friends on social networks
  • Surfing traffic exchanges
  • Following up with emails
  • Inviting your Skype friends
  • Inviting  friends on Social Platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Step 5.  Be Proud and Clear

Start living your dreams – Decide to take action and learn to use the tools!

Post your goal everywhere .. Sticky Notes!

Step 6.  See it to Achieve it

Make your goal come alive to you

Visualize your goal every day

Feel it – live it – breathe it

Train your mind to see what you WANT in your life

Step 7.  Act as if

How will it ‘feel’ when you achieve your goal?  FEEL that NOW!  Go about your days and your activities with THAT feeling

From “Be That Girl” by Tina O’Connor (Chapter 2 – Planet Do It)  “I am so happy and proud of myself as I have accomplished my goal of …..”

Write down YOUR vision

Step 8.  The Law of Effort

Pick activities from your List of 20 each day

Say out loud

“I put in the effort to make my resolution a reality”

Step 9.  Law of Consistency

Start NOW and be consistent for 30 days


“I Will Be Consistent”

Step 10.  Lather-Rinse-Repeat

Update your goal every 30 days

Use this system for every goal you want!

Your intention must be to be successful!


I intend to be successful

Don and I are here to be of service to help you learn to adapt these simple strategies to your life and your business.

Janet & Don Legere

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