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List Building Tips and Tricks

List Building Tips & Tricks

  • Instant messenger invites
  • Setup Virtual Office
  • Blog about your experience
  • Record a video invite for your website
  • Write up a program or product review
  • Give away a free eBook

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this Live Webinar and learn our favourite List Building Tips and Tricks

Instant Messenger Invites

  • Permission based invites
  • Yahoo, MSN, Google +, Skype
  • Check contact profiles
  • Ask relative questions
  • Find out what they need and offer solutions
  • Ask them – “would you please subscribe to my personal subscribers list?”
  • Skype tool – Message Magic
  • Allows you to contact many people at once
  • Keep it personal and permission based
  • Engage your contacts

Setup a Virtual Office

  • GVO Webinar Room 5 Seat room included with Host Then Profit
  • Add it to your Website/Blog
  • Use it as a Live Support room
  • Use it to do a presentation for a prospect
  • Play a video of your opportunity
  • Engage your prospect in the text or live video

Blog About Your Experience

  • Share the tips that YOU are learning, write about them on your blog
  • Share your product experiences
  • Share the experience you have with your team
  • Share your hobbies
  • Engage your readers
  • suggest they click a link, comment, like, subscribe, etc.

Record a Video Invite

  • Welcome and invite your visitors to subscribe to your optin list
  • Outline the content of your blog
  • Example: “Hello and welcome to my personal blog where I will be sharing tips and strategies on how to use simple tools to build your list and make money online.”
  • Video can be 15 seconds to 1 minute; recommend no more than 1 minute
  • Engage your viewers
  • End your video with a call to action

Program or Product Review

  • Write a brief program review
  • Describe what it is and how it works, how it worked for you
  • Write a testimonial or review of a product you are using and the results you are seeing.
  • If you are taking health supplements, you want to share your results with your readers
  • Engage your readers
  • Invite them to request more information with a call to action

Give Away a Free eBook

  • Write your own eBook on a topic of interest to you
  • Give away a free eBook with PLR rights or rebranding rights
  • The CLB 5 Steps to Branding You

What’s YOUR Favourite List Building Strategy?

Post your comments and let us know what YOUR favourite List Building Strategy is.  We look forward to hearing all about what’s working for you.


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