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With Janet & Don Legere

Get Live Training - With Janet & Don Legere

Jonah Klimack Introduces List Joe

Jonah Klimack introduces the new List Joe

This live Webinar was well attended with more than 75 people attending to hear Don Legere talk about Part IV of Consciously Living Your Goals – Persistence and Jonah Klimack talk about his recent challenges with List Joe and how he over came the challenges to bring List Joe back to be even better than ever!

Prior to the call, we sent a link out to members to send in their questions. Jonah selected the top questions to address on the Webinar.

1) “I had an account with the old Listjoe, and I had x number of credits, or I had a paid membership. I can’t login with my old data. How can I reclaim my account and my credits and paid status”.

2) “How do I find and use credits, how do credits work, how does the mailer work exactly”

3) “Why do I get no signups to my offers? I’m a rookie on the computer. My upline tells me you can get 2 sales a day on Listbuilders, I use their ads, why isn’t it happening?”

4) “Can you make money promoting things other then list builders on traffic exchanges and list builders, for example, what about PLR Products. What really sells on Listbuilders?”

5) “I am currently a gold member. How can I use Listjoe to its full advantage.”

6) “How exactly do you write an effective headline and email” – “How do you get more opens or views”

7) “Do people really read my offer, or just click to receive the credits?”

8) “In general, what can I do on the internet to make money.”

9) “What if you had to start over, what would you do”

Jonah took time to answer these questions and many more.  It was an open and heartfelt chat.

Webinar Replay

Click Here for the BONUS Jonah Refers to

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  • Corey R Jackson says:

    Thank You Janet / Don Legere. You are both legends here online.
    Looking forward Jonah to getting started once again soon on your new coaching program. All the best ! Cheers ! Corey SD/CA/PB “CaliCore3”

    October 2, 2014 at 9:39 pm

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