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How to Setup and Use Your Lead Capture Page

How to Setup and Use Your Lead Capture Page

What is a Lead Capture Page
Lead Capture Page Options
How to Build a List With a Lead Capture Page
Following Up – Your Auto-Responder vs Your Personal Broadcasts

What is a Lead Capture Page

The #1 MOST Important Tool.  A Lead Capture Page is a Website with a Subscriber Form that Collects Your Visitors Email address.   Subscribers are agreeing to receive future emails from you by confirming their email address

Once on your list, your subscriber is available to receive all future communications from you until such time as they may decide to unsubscribe

Lead Capture Page Options

Pure Leverage

Done for you … nothing to setup other than your profile. Auto-Responder letters and everything are already done for you. You just pick the Lead page you want and send traffic to it!  Multiple Lead Pages to choose from. Very little setup.

Not Free ~ Affordable – only $24.95 a month for 10K Subscribers, a 100 Seat Webinar Conference room, an Authority Blogging platform and a lot more.

Pure Leverage is part of all of our Downline Builders (CLB, PG, PGC & PGT) and included in our simple steps at CLB.

Traffic Leads 2 Income

Create multiple capture pages – great for split testing – FREE to join and use.  Simplest branded system online.  Add your picture, setup Your Auto-Responder, Save and Promote!

Members of our Contact List Builder program get access to our simple to follow steps to setup and promote a TL2I Lead Page directed to CLB! It’s BRILLIANT if I do say so myself .  It’s absolutely FREE – Upgrades are available and affordable AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Simple Step by Step Setup to create a BRANDED lead capture page that works with ANY Auto-Responder and even works WITHOUT an Auto-Responder.

TL2I is part of all of our Downline Builders (CLB, PG, PGC & PGT) and included in our simple steps at CLB

Prospect Geyser

Customizable Capture Page available for upgraded members.  Fully customizable system.  Setup your Add & Keywords in the settings area.  Add your picture, text and form code.  Customized Capture Page is for upgraded members only.

Contact List Builder

Lead capture page available for upgraded members.  Just setup your auto-responder, add your form code and VOILA!

This Lead Page is for our CLB upgraded members only.  Free members get full access to our simple steps to setup and use the TL2I Lead Capture system to create a Branded Lead Capture Page for CLB!

Company Branded Lead Capture Page

For your own product or opportunity.  Your MLM or Network Marketing Company may offer pre-set lead capture pages.  Ideal if your auto-responder is attached, if not, highly recommended that you create a lead capture page to direct leads for your Primary business THEN direct them to the company page

Your Own Page

A page you created.  You can setup your own lead capture page on your blog or using a service like AdKreator.  Simple to setup a page on a Blog.  AdKreator offers many preset customizable designs.

How to Build a List With a Lead Capture Page

Sending Traffic to your Lead Capture Page

Solo Ads – advertising to other people’s lists!
Safelists / Credit Lists – advertising to other Internet Marketers
Paid Per Click – targeted incentivized visitors
Social Networks – Making friends and finding partners – Permission Based Marketing
Skype – Message Magic makes Skype sing!
Traffic Exchanges – Surf 5 to 6 exchanges for 30 to 60 minutes a day MAX!

Following Up – Your Auto-Responder vs Your Personal Broadcasts

Your Auto-Responder vs Your Personal Broadcasts.  Share value – stop selling and start sharing –you know more than you may think!  Find out what your subscribers want and need – ask questions, encourage response.  Your goal is to engage your reader to build a relationship so they get to know you, like you and ultimately TRUST you.

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar where Don talks about “The 13 Goblets” and Janet walks you through how to setup and use your Lead Capture Page. Click the Play button below.

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  • Shirley Schwarz says:

    I am sorry that I could not attend the training….I know that it was

    Janet has stretched herself again with her generosity in helping and
    sharing everything she knows to make sure that we all will be
    successful in our endeavors.

    Follow the steps…it is as easy as that…be sure to put “blinders”
    on to stay focused…do not get distracted by the “shiny objects”.

    Thanks Janet and Don.

    Shirley Schwarz

    September 17, 2013 at 5:22 pm

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