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How to Create Your Personal Brand

Creating Your Personal Brand

It’s been proven, in order for people to buy from you, they need to know, like and trust you. Especially in the Internet environment.

Enjoy the recording of the GREAT webinar where Don spoke about Uncertainty and Janet covered how to Create Your Personal Brand.

What does Branding mean?

  • Branding is all about YOU
  • Your passions
  • Your strengths
  • Your experience
  • All about who you are, what you do
  • Know, Like, Trust

Branding is all you the person.  In this instance we are not referring to your business or niche, what we are referring to is your Personal Brand.  This is where your passions come through, your strengths shine and you can share your experience.  This kind of branding is all about allowing others to get to know who you are and what you do so they can come to like and trust you.  When someone trusts you they are more willing to do business with you.

5 Steps to Create Your Personal Brand

1. Your Domain Name

  • Recommend you register your name ie (
  • Options:; or
  • Register at, or directly at GVO

Regardless of how many domains you may possess, it’s important to have one with your name and just as important that it be a .COM.

2. Domain Hosting & WordPress

  • GVO makes Web hosting easy!

Things you need for a successful online business

  • Webhost Manager with full cPanel access
  • Easy to use Word Press installation
  • Professional Auto-Responder
  • Video Hosting and Recording
  • Web Conferencing

Whether you choose to use the all in one services of GVO or use a separate hosting and auto-responder company (such as hostgater and aweber), you still need the same things.  You need to have cpanel access and easy access to install WordPress.  You need a good reliable auto-responder and we recommend you stay away from the free ones.

At some point, you will embrace the idea of recording videos.  Trust me when I say they make all the difference in the world, even bad videos!  You can use Youtube and if you are with GVO, you can host your videos there without ads.

As you become adventurous, you may decide to offer Webinars which are a very effective way to promote your business.  As a member of GVO, even at the lowest package, you get a Webinar conference room where you can test out your skills!

These are all things you are going to need for your journey to create your personal brand.

3. Auto-Responders and Optins

  • Primary focus online = Building Your List
  • Need to offer an Optin form
  • Simple follow-up series about your products and services
  • Where subscribers get to know like and trust you over time

I cannot stress it enough that you should consider your auto-responder carefully and shy away from free ones.  The best in the industry are Aweber, GetResponse, Traffic Wave, ResponseMagic and GVO.

Setting up your auto-responder is going to be the same in any program.  The steps may look a bit different and they may be titled differently but the steps to setup and use an auto-responder to build your list about about the same anywhere.

  • Create a campaign
  • Add Follow-Up Messages
  • Create an Optin-Form
  • Paste Optin Form Code on Blog

That’s it, that’s all there is to it!  Your auto-responder is one of your most valuable online tools.

4. Blog Posts and Video

Whether you are into it or not, you are going to need to face the facts and start to record video.  Think about this … No one sees your video until YOU decide to post it somewhere.  This means you can practice until it is OK then get it out there.  Trust me when I say that while a good quality video is nice and you WILL learn how to create good videos, the secret is having video.  Even bad video is better than no video.  Your subscriber optin statistics will increase dramatically when you add your own video to your website.

Topics to write about

  • Tools and resources you are using
  • Hobby’s you have
  • Things you are passionate about
  • Things you are learning
  • Recording Video
  • Summary of your blog post
  • Speak from the heart
  • Include a call to action

5. Who reads your blog?

Now that you have your blog ready, you need to get it out there.  The best place to start is on Facebook and any other social networks you may belong to.  Share it on your “wall”, invite your friends via the Message function to read and like your post.  Tweet about it.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog and I’ve listed a few down here:

  • Social Marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Sokule, etc
  • Share your blog posts and request feedback
  • Invite Credit List members
  • Invite your Skype and messenger contacts
  • Send it to your subscribers
  • Funded Systems and Downline Builders

The 5 Steps to Creating Your Personal Brand

Creating your personal brand is not as hard as it may look.  Think of the 5 main steps then take your time and break them each down.  Tackle them one at a time.  If a task is too daunting, break it down further.

Remember this is what you need to create your personal brand:

  • Your Domain Name
  • Domain Hosting & WordPress
  • Auto-Responders and Optins
  • Blog Posts & Videos
  • Who reads your blog?

If you follow the 5 Step Success Blueprint at Contact List Builder you’ll have everything you need to actually get things done.

Two resources that can help you create your personal brand.  GVO – Global Virtual Opportunies and CLB – The Contact List Builder.  The two go hand in hand and provide you everything you need to create a well rounded business online following your dreams and having fun!

I look forward to reading your comments and would love to hear all about how you are creating your personal brand.

Till next time .. keep smiling,

Janet Legere
The Contact List Builder


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