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From Dream to Reality

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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Simple steps to turn your dreams into goals you can and will achieve

There as love in the air this Saturday as we talked about your Passions and how loving what you do can make all the difference to your results.

This week, Janet shared a real life example of how to take a dream and turn it into reality.

1. The Dream

In March of 2011, Tina had a dream that she wrote a book about how she organizes her life and simple steps that others can use to organize their lives and do more.

Everyone has dreams … what’s yours?

2. Talk about it

It was a dream … and Tina started to talk about that dream … and talk and talk and talk.

“When I told my husband that I was planning to write a book, he just looked at me and very softly and slowly said: “Okay”… Obviously, he needed more convincing, so I just started talking and talking and before long I had laid out the whole she-ban, detailing what the book was going to be about and how excited I was to create it.”

Talk about your dream … talk about it with PASSION!

3. Write it down

Soon, Tina started to take the steps to make this dream real. She started writing down things she needed AND she started writing down ideas that would go in her book.

As soon as you write down your dream, it gets attached to your subconscious even stronger and has a better chance of turning real.

4. Take action

The next step is to take actions towards your goal. Tina’s first action was to start building her list while writing her book. We worked together to create a blog and add a subscriber form and then Tina started to write Daily motivations on her blog.

She also created a fan page on Facebook for her book idea!

Taking actions … this is the MAIN component of turning dreams into reality. Actions may include blogging, writing articles on your topic, doing live webinars.

You CAN make it happen!  From dream to reality in 10 months!  Be That Girl, Simple Steps to Happiness

Use Helpful Resources

You do not need to do all this alone. There are great resources and great people to help you. Two of our favourite resources are Tools to Life and the Resolution Success System. Both are free and both can help give you the drive you need to make your dreams come true.

Passion about what you do is key. You must be IN LOVE with your dream to turn it into reality!

Taking the steps to turn your dreams into reality starts with creating your presence online. GVO and HostThenProfit offer affordable solutions for everyone. For as little as $9.97 a month, you can get all the tools you need to turn your dreams into reality!


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  • John "The Wizard" Taylor says:

    What a prime example of how putting your idea’s and passions into action, by writing them down and acting on them can make the dream come true.

    Nothing I have seen has proved to be more evident then the princibles taught here at CLB & the Expert Tutorlige of both Janet & her Partner Don Legere. And I for one can lay testiment that it works when you take action.

    Thank you both for your patience and understanding, but most of all showing us the simple path to success with your grace & Personalities.

    Your Friend & greatful Student.

    John “The Wizard” Taylor.

    February 12, 2012 at 2:56 pm
  • George Kelly says:

    This video is so inspiring! It just goes to show what can be accomplished if we follow our dreams… and follow our plan! Thanks for sharing!

    February 12, 2012 at 7:52 pm

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