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Downline Builders and Funded Systems

Downline Builders and Funded Systems

These two terms are often misunderstood in the Internet Marketing world and on this Webinar, I explain what they are and how to use them effectively. Don talked about “Money Consciousness”.

What is a downline builder

  • Service within a program
  • Tools and resources to advertise the program you just joined OR to advertise YOUR Lead capture page
  • Maintains downline integrity with YOUR downline members

What is a funded system

  • Lead generation (builds YOUR list first)
  • Earn income from referral upgrades
  • Earn income from downline program upgrades
  • Promote YOUR Primary business
  • Training provided on using the system so that YOU can spend YOUR time focused on YOUR business

How do they work

  • Most funded systems have a downline builder in their members area to maintain downline integrity for your team
  • Builds YOUR list first!
  • Educates YOUR downline members
  • Creates DUPLICATION!

Secrets of Funded Systems

  • Add your IDS to the Downline Builder programs you already belong to.  Note to Newbies: Join one program at a time, based on the setup guide or contact your sponsor for assistance
  • Focus on using what you already have
    Note to Newbies:  Before joining new programs – put what you have to work for you
  • Make a list of the places you can advertise
  • Create a daily checklist of activities you can do when you are at your computer

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  • Paulo Teller says:

    Hi, Janet!
    It’s funny how some people are confused by listening to the wrong “coaches”. When you tell that it is possible to treat the lists ethically and STILL make money without losing any members, there has been a “haha” moment on the webinar! Oh boy… (I mean, oh girl…)

    Hi, Don!
    I bet you don’t need spectacles for creating the great speeches you make. You just close your eyes and put it all under the right perspective, don’t you? [No need for an answer. What if I’m wrong? (Just kidding)]

    Hi all,
    Anyways, all I want to do right now is encouraging all visitors to watch the whole webinar once or twice carefully and take notes if needed. Enrolling to get access to the other webinars would also be highly profitable in time and work for newbies.

    Well, someone would have to point out these actions as fundamental. Listening to straight marketers, mentors and serious coaches is the best there is on the Net today! Have you ever noticed that TV, radio or paper news only put you down and you end doing nothing for yourselves and the others?

    Avoid the pain, search for the little work that brings pleasure, and be happy!

    Best wishes for all,


    September 2, 2012 at 3:08 am
    • Janet and Don Legere says:

      Thank you so much for your comments, Paulo, we really appreciate that you took the time to share your views and we are very glad you enjoyed the webinar. I love to hear when others get an “AHA” moment, thank you for sharing.

      September 2, 2012 at 1:11 pm

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