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Creating Your 5 Year Plan

How to Create a 5 Year Plan

In this recorded webinar, Don is talking about ‘Dressing Up Your 5-Year Plan’ and our daughter, Tina O’Connor of joins us this week to teach you how ‘Create Your 5-Year Plan’.

This webinar requires ACTION!

At the end of this webinar, you will have your 5-Year plan written down and ready to go.


You will need TWO pieces of blank, lined paper and a pen or pencil.
Allow yourself the hour to pay attention to this Webinar and you will be amazed with what you create.


When you have completed watching the video and with your new 5-Year plan in hand, please scroll down and click the link to the online Survey and send your feedback.

Click Play to enjoy and be inspired

‘Creating Your 5-Year Plan’ Survey


Please CLICK HERE to complete a brief survey.
We Thank You for sharing this valuable information with Tina

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