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Creating a Focused Plan of Action

Creating a Focused Plan of Action

This week, Don talked about New Beginnings and Janet shared strategies to easily create a Focused Plan of action.

  • What is a Focused Plan of Action and Do you need a focused plan of action?
  • Steps to create Your Focused Plan of Action


What is a Focused Plan of Action?

  • List of activities directed toward your Goal
  • Clear, Focused Goal
  • Clear, focused daily, weekly monthly reminders
  • Your check-in to make sure you are getting things done!
  • Your first place to look when you are available to market your business

Do you need a focused plan of action?

It is a must.  It’s the activities you need to do to reach your goal.  A focused plan of action will get you where you want to go.

How do I create a Master List?

Resolution Success System

Creating a Master List is simple when you follow the 10 steps outlined in The Resolution Success System by Devlyn Steele.

10 simple steps to set and achieve a 30 day goal.  The door to everything and when you master this simple process, you learn how to get anything you want.

These steps can be applied to any goal, personal or business.  It is recommended you use it for all your goals, learn to master the 10 steps.

Devlyn Steele has taken a very difficult task and helped you break it down into small steps you can master.  I believe anyone can master these 10 steps to any goal they want!

The 10 Steps of The Resolution Success System

  1. Learn and Use a Success System
  2. Pick One and Get it Done
  3. Divide and Conquer
  4. The Rule of 20
  5. Be Proud and Clear
  6. See it to Achieve it
  7. Act as if
  8. The Law of Effort
  9. Law of Consistency
  10. Lather-Rinse-Repeat

Get Your Copy of RSS Here

11603091-business-woman-with-a-checklist-thinkingWhat goes on my action check list?

  • Your daily activities such as:
  • Sending ads to your lists
  • Posting blog posts; recording videos
  • Writing articles
  • Adding friends on social networks
  • Surfing traffic exchanges
  • Following up with emails

What do I do with the items I don’t get done?

9111876-checklist-3dThese follow you to the next day and can be re prioritized   Be careful not to continually move the same items forward – if this happens, you need to re prioritize.

HINT: from “Ask and It Is Given”: Use Process #10 “The Place Mat Process” and create two lists, on the left, all the things you WILL get done and on the right, all the things you’d like the Universe to do.

Need Help With Your Checklist

clbfbphotoThe Resolution Success System
Download a free copy here

The Contact List Builder Business Success System

Follow our 5 steps – they really do work!

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