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Colours of Personality

The Colours of Personality

Steve Gaghagen of Online Techniques took us through a journey of discovery into the way people think based on the “colour” or type of personality.  By creating a colour chart for the 4 quadrants of personality, it makes it easier to understand their characteristics.

How to maximize the personality colours to signup more people into your Network Marketing business

Steve took it one step further and showed our guests how to use this information to share their network marketing opportunity.  By understanding the needs of your prospect, you can be well armed with the right information presented the right way so that you can sponsor more distributors and customers into your Network Marketing or MLM business.

Webinar Replay

Replay of our cal with Steve Gaghagen of Online Techniques

The Colours of Personality Chart

This is the chart Steve refers to as he describes the 4 different personality types.

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