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Joel Therien of Pure Leverage on How to Create a Successful Business

How to Create a Successful Business with Joel Therien

joeltherienThis week at Get Live Training, Don Legere spoke on ‘Rising to the Top’ which fit perfectly with our Guest Speaker, Joel Therien. The gentlemen ruled the house today and they did a magnificent job! A hungry group of listeners paid close attention as Joel talked about the 9 things you need to do to create success in your business, be it online or offline. I took quite a few notes myself, here is a summary with the replay to follow.

#1. Have a Backup Plan

It’s important to have a back up plan while you learn to build your business online. That may mean keeping a job while you learn to create income on the Internet or it may mean investing your savings, etc. Treat your business like a business and it will treat you well.

#2. Get out of your comfort zone

Nothing happens inside your comfort zone and as Joel so eloquently said “the only way to overcome any fear is to fully realize that fear itself”. You gotta face it head on – if, that is, you WANT to face that fear. Not all fears need to be faced!

#3. Become a good listener

It is really important to listen to people and learn their ‘Pain points’. We need to remember we have one mouth and two ears so listen twice as much as you speak 😉 Ask lots of questions directed to find their “pain points” so you can offer solutions.

#4. You are who you associate with

Take a look around at the people who you hang around with most. How much do they earn in a year? Look at the 5 people you associate with most, add up their “annual incomes” and divide by 5 and you will be pretty close to what you are earning. Is it were you want to be? No? It may be time to hang out with different people 🙂

#5. Every buying decision is based on a comparison

People are always comparing. Compare your products to the pain points of your prospect. Does your product help ease that pain better than product B? Validate your prospect – let them know you understand their needs and let them know you are listening!

#6. Never give up

Do we really need to say more here? “Just because something is not working does not mean it does not work”. You need massive PASSION followed by immediate ACTION combined with continuous EDUCATION.

#7. Track anything of significance

If you aren’t tracking what you are doing how do you know that what you are doing is working? Tracking is one area many marketers neglect and when you learn to track what you are doing, you will be able to make small changes that will affect big results. Joel agreed to come back and do another call for us with a focus on Tracking and the things you need to track.

#8. Edify others

Strengthen and encourage the people you talk to. “Give credit where credit is due”. Find the good in others. Do what you can to make others FEEL GOOD 🙂

#9. Keep things simple

This is the motto at Contact List Builder, keep it simple and is definitely a critical piece to your online success. Keep your unique selling proposition simple. Know what you do and be able to share that with others. Think about it … what exactly is it that you do?

I offer simple solutions for Internet Marketers to build a list, create a personal brand and make money online. What do you do?

Thank you to Joel Therien

I’ve been following Joel for more than 10 years and worked closely with him since 2003 when we adopted the Hot Conference technology into our programs. I’ve come to ‘know, like and trust’ Joel over the years. His focus has always been to fill that need for Internet Marketers, recognizing that other companies simply are NOT sensitive to our needs.

I want to extend a special thank you to my friend and ‘Business Partner’, Joel Therien. We are excited to welcome him back to teach our group all about specific website tracking and how to read your stats! Watch this site for updates. Subscribe to our list to stay up to date with our Live Events.

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar. Click the play button below.

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Message Magic with Grant Andrews

Message Magic Skype Tool

I can’t begin to do this program justice, you really need to see it in action to appreciate the power of this Message Magic Skype tool created by Grant Andrews. It’s a tool that has changed the way I do business and continues to be one of my favourite tools.

Grant Andrews shared some really cool tips about Message Magic. It’s such a simple yet powerful tool to use and one that can change the face of your business, like it’s changed ours.

Grant offered a very special and generous discount on a Membership to Message Magic to anyone who attended the live Webinar and we are offering it to you here as well. Watch the video, signup for your free trial account at Message Magic and contact me about the special. Mention the discount that Grant talks about ok? You need to watch the Video so you can quote the discount Grant mentions.

If you are a member of Contact List Builder, you will now find Message Magic in the downline builder. We feel it can be one of the most important tools you can learn to master. It can be the key you have been looking for. We will be offering training on how to use Message Magic on our regular Contact List Builder training calls. It’s free to join Contact List Builder so if you want to learn some different strategies to create success online, come join us!

Webinar Replay

Click the Play button below to enjoy the replay of our live webinar where Grant showed our group some tips and strategies for using Message Magic.

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Jonah Klimack Introduces List Joe

Jonah Klimack introduces the new List Joe

This live Webinar was well attended with more than 75 people attending to hear Don Legere talk about Part IV of Consciously Living Your Goals – Persistence and Jonah Klimack talk about his recent challenges with List Joe and how he over came the challenges to bring List Joe back to be even better than ever!

Prior to the call, we sent a link out to members to send in their questions. Jonah selected the top questions to address on the Webinar.

1) “I had an account with the old Listjoe, and I had x number of credits, or I had a paid membership. I can’t login with my old data. How can I reclaim my account and my credits and paid status”.

2) “How do I find and use credits, how do credits work, how does the mailer work exactly”

3) “Why do I get no signups to my offers? I’m a rookie on the computer. My upline tells me you can get 2 sales a day on Listbuilders, I use their ads, why isn’t it happening?”

4) “Can you make money promoting things other then list builders on traffic exchanges and list builders, for example, what about PLR Products. What really sells on Listbuilders?”

5) “I am currently a gold member. How can I use Listjoe to its full advantage.”

6) “How exactly do you write an effective headline and email” – “How do you get more opens or views”

7) “Do people really read my offer, or just click to receive the credits?”

8) “In general, what can I do on the internet to make money.”

9) “What if you had to start over, what would you do”

Jonah took time to answer these questions and many more.  It was an open and heartfelt chat.

Webinar Replay

Click Here for the BONUS Jonah Refers to

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Toni De Marco 5 Easy Fixes to Jump Start a Flagging Relationship

Toni De Marco on 5 Easy Fixes to Jump Start a Flagging Relationship

Toni De Marco

As an actress, writer and producer, Toni is always on the cutting edge of trends.  On the covers of Elle, Cosmopolitan, McCalls, Votre Beaute and others; she was one of the first “super models.“  One of the first models to make a transition to film, in roles opposite Paul Newman in “Winning,” Beau Bridges in “Christian Licorice Store,” and Yvette Mimeux in “Skyjacked.”

On our Live Webinar, Toni discussed 5 Easy Fixes to Jump Start a Flagging Relationship and Don Legere shared his insights on ‘Consciously Living Your Goals’.

Enjoy the replay to this highly charged Webinar here:


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Randy Whitehorne on Facebook Strategies

Facebook Strategies

with Randy Whitehorne

This week, we were excited to welcome Randy Whitehorne to present on his Facebook Strategy that is developing a nice list and a great downline for Randy. Don talked about ‘Finding Self’ and the two talks went together beautifully.

Randy shared some connecting and follow up messages he is using and I’ve included them below the recording.

Enjoy the replay of this great webinar here:

Messages to Use on Any Social Network

Thank you to Randy for sharing these simply notes you can use on any Social Network. It’s a simple way to begin that relationship process and build your list.
MESSAGE ONE:  Hello——-Thanks for connecting. I see you are in Zeek Rewards . How are you doing with that business ? How long have you been with them ?

MESSAGE TWO: Hello ——Thanks for your message and information. How are doing you with your business. What other methods are you using to build your business?  Where are you advertising and promoting online? Do use a funded proposal? Do you use any kind of “funded” system to generate leads for your business. I have found it a great way to increase your income while creating good solid leads. It is a free system that is really working well for me.  May I introduce you to our system? I believe it can help you generate more leads for your business.  Just reply to this and I’ll send you the information ok?  I look forward to chatting more about how you market your business here online.  Have a great day Randy . Connect with me on Skype Let’s chat rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa


Hello,  I was checking out your profile. How are you doing with your business? How long have you been with them? What other services are you using online to help you grow your business?  Do you use any kind of “funded” system to generate leads for your business  I have found it a great way to increase your income while creating good solid leads. It is a free system that is really working well for me.  May I introduce you to our system? I believe it can help you generate more leads for your business. Just reply to this and I’ll send you the information ok?  I look forward to chatting more about how you market your business here online. You can connect with me on Facebook or Skype me at  rwhitehorne-oldgrandpa  Have a great day, Randy Whitehorne

MESSAGE FOUR:   Invite to someone without a business website

The following email is directed to someone who does not have a business website listed in their profile:

Hello NAME,

I was checking out your profile and noticed that [[ENTER SOMETHING ABOUT WHAT YOUR FOUND ON THEIR PROFILE (INFO)]]

I`m curious if you are building a business online, I noticed you did not have a website listed in your information.

Are you familiar with a “funded” system to generate leads for your business?

We have found it a great way to increase our income while creating good solid leads.

I am involved with a group of people in Second Income Coach. It is a free system that is really working well for us.

May I introduce you to our system? I believe it can help you generate more leads for any business you may be promoting.

Just reply to this and I’ll send you the link ok?

I look forward to chatting more about your interests.

Have a great day,


If you Skype, add me @ YOUR SKYPE ID



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