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Advertising Tips and Strategies

Advertising Tips and Strategies

  • What you will need
  • Advertising Resources
  • Advertising Idea
  • Webinar Replay

What you will need

You will need a Personalized Lead Capture Page that is attached to your Auto-Responder.  You’ll need your Ad Copy (Swipe file) and good Advertising Resources.

You can learn how to setup a Personalized Lead Capture page at the Contact List Builder.

Advertising Resources


Solo Ads

Solo Ad Providers are not all created equal. You want to do your homework and check with their recommendations and also connect with their past clients if possible.

Solos range in cost from .35 to $1.00 per click. A good average is .50 to .70 per click.

Use recommended sources – UDIMI.  At UDIMI, you can connect with the Solo provider directly and also check with past clients, read their reviews and connect with them directly.

You will submit an ad that advertises Your Lead Capture Page.

Safelists & Traffic Exchanges


Safelists do work and are one of my best resources, outside of Solo Ads.

It’s best to join one at a time and setup your email filters to handle your safelist emails that you will receive.

For each Safelist you join you want to setup your profile, banner ads, text ads and then schedule your ads to be sent.

Upgrade!! I recommend you upgrade in one good Viral Mailer each month. You will soon have a good portfolio of resources.

Traffic Exchanges

Join 3 to 5 of the top exchanges

Sweeva, EasyHits4U, TopTierTraffic, PG Traffic, TrafficSwarm

Setup your profile, banner ads, text ads. Setup your site – be sure to Advertise Your Lead Capture Page!

Schedule to surf 50 to 100 pages a day at each exchange.  I recommend no more than 30 to 60 minutes of surfing a day.

Social Networks



Search for people in your area and then send a message.  DO NOT ADD as a friend until you hear back.

Send them a short message and then visit their profile, like some of their photos, review their posts if you see them.  They will get notice of your activity and will be more likely to pay attention to your message …

Hello NAME, I am connecting with people in the _______ area.  I noticed you are involved in Network Marketing and I am wondering if you have heard of _____________ yet?

When they follow up, then you can add them as a friend, have a conversation and sign them up 😉

If they are not interested, simply say thank you – let’s do keep in touch!


LinkedIn is a powerful resource and offers many ways to make contact

  1. Congratulate members
  2. Wish Happy Birthday
  3. Make Contact with Follow up Message

Thanks for connecting, let’s connect on Skype too

Hi ,

Thanks for connecting!

I’d really like to connect on Skype and invite you to add me as contact there.  My Skype username is {YOUR SKYPE ID}.  Feel free to share what you do. I love to hear other people’s stories.

By the way, have you heard of _______________ yet?

I look forward to connecting, Talk soon,

Your Name
Your Contact Information
Your Facebook Link
Your Business URL


Apsense is a Business Social Network where you can connect with new members, create a Review Page (Rev Page) and setup a “Brand Page”.  There are several ways to advertise to Apsense members.

Other Social Platforms

Google+, Sokule, Viral Networks, AdlandPro, IBOToolbox

Use similar strategies on ALL Social Networks!

Connect, Congratulate, INVITE



Add Skype IDs from Safelists and Social Networks.  IBO Tool Box is a great resource for Skype contacts.  Add your Skype contacts to a list.

I use a program called Use Seek & Send to connect with my list of contacts and the click of a button.

Connect, Communicate, INVITE

Your Blog

Write about your products and services.  Curate Content relative to your NICHE!

Share with your subscribers and on Social networks

Advertising Ideas

How much time should I spend advertising?

1 to 3 hours a day is all you need!

Spend the rest of the time following up, working with your team!

The Best Place to Learn

The Contact List Builder

  • Build 10+ income streams by building your list of subscribers!
  • Simple steps to setup a lead capture page and invite subscribers
  • Complete instructions included with membership
  • Add Your Shiny Objects to CLB!

Webinar Replay

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Thank you for visiting!

Janet & Don Legere

The Contact List Builder
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

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All About Tracking Your Ads

Understanding How To Track Your Ads

  • Webinar Replay
  • What is Tracking
  • Why do we need to Track?
  • What are we Tracking?
  • Let’s Talk Statistics

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay from this live Webinar and learn some tips and strategies to track your ads effectively.


What is Tracking

Tracking is a way to keep track of your traffic, where it’s coming from. It’s a way  for you to tell if your ads are responsive or not.  You can also tell if your website works. With Tracking you can also compare pages – see which converts better.

Why do we need to Track?

You need to know if you are getting traffic and where it’s coming from.  If you are paying for ads, you need to know they work. If you don’t know where your traffic is coming from, how will you know what works and what doesn’t?

What are we Tracking?

You will be tracking clicks to your Website as well as Conversions.  A Conversion usually means signups or subscribers.  Use tracking on Safelists, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Text Ads, Blog Posts, etc.

Trackers … the inside story – the ultimate tracker!  While there are many tracker programs out there, we use and recommend

The key isn’t which tracker you use, the key is using tracking in your advertising. is simple, affordable, reliable and effective.

Let’s Talk Statistics

Your tracker will show you Hits or Clicks  A hit is when someone clicks on the tracking link in your ad.

A Unique hit means that is the first time that visitor clicked that link.

Conversions/ClickThroughs – a Conversion means that someone either clicked through your splash page or they filled out the subscriber for on your squeeze page.

Percentages tell you the rate of conversions.

Thank you for visiting!

Janet & Don Legere

The Contact List Builder
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

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Connecting Your Marketing Dots

How to Make Money by Connecting Your Marketing Dots

  • What You Will Need
  • Setting Up Your Campaign
  • Generating Leads
  • Following Up

Webinar Replay

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What You Will Need

Like it or not, you need a Professional Auto-Responder.  A few of the main auto-responders are Aweber, GetResponse, Response Magic, TrafficWave, GVO/Pure Leverage.  Our recommendation is GVO/Pure Leverage.

You will need a Lead Capture Page.  You can create your own with html or use your blog.  We recommend using a third party service such as AdKreator.

Setting Up Your Campaign

To Setup Your Auto-Responder you will create your “list” or “campaign” then add a few Follow Up Messages.  You will add an email message about each product or service that you offer.  Make each letter a recommendation rather than a sales letter.

NOTE:  You only need ONE message to start!

Create An Optin Form

When creating your Optin Form, be sure to ask for a Phone Number and Skype ID.  This makes for easier connections!

You may need to setup Custom Fields to add Skype or Phone to your form.

Add Optin Form To Lead Capture

Each system offers you the ability to copy the html code to add to your Lead Capture Page. Be sure to test your page thoroughly before promoting.

Generating Leads

Now that your page is ready, you need TRAFFIC!  Solo Ads are the fastest way to get traffic to your site. Udimi is a great resource to find good solo ad providers.

Safelists and Traffic Exchanges can also be a good source of Traffic when used consistently.

Sharing your new page on Social Networks will also help – ask your contacts if you can share your new page!

NOTE:  The Secret to Successful Online Advertising is … SIGNUP – SETUP – SCHEDULE (use)

Following Up

This truly is the most important part of marketing!  There are many ways that you can follow up with your subscribers and new members.

You want to offer a personal Follow up, your objective is to make contact and have conversations.  Add to Skype – if your subscriber left their Skype id, add them to your Skype contacts and say hi!

Give them a call – you can call them on the phone or on Skype. Look for them on Facebook and other Social Networks.

Do whatever you can to make  contact and continue to feed the funnel (build your list).  Success in Internet Marketing is possible when you follow these steps.  Advertise your lead capture page every day and follow up with new subscribers any way you can and as often as you can.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to guide you. Enjoy!

Janet & Don Legere

The Contact List Builder
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

Your list is EVERYTHING, treat it like GOLD!

The Contact List Builder is your first stop to learn the basics of building your list!

Understanding the Funnel and Multiple Income Streams

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Understanding the Funnel and Multiple Income Streams

  • What is an Internet Marketing Funnel
  • What will you need to create an Internet Marketing Funnel?
  • How to add to your Internet Marketing Funnel to Create Multiple Income Streams

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar

What is an Internet Marketing Funnel

A system where you feed leads (subscribers) through a “squeeze page” and they are introduced to your programs and products automatically through your automated messages in your auto-responder.

What will you need to create an Internet Marketing Funnel?

  • Auto-Responder
  • Lead Capture Page Attached to Your Auto-Responder
  • Blog With Capture Form
  • Products/Services/Programs for sale

Creating Your Internet Marketing Funnel

  • Auto-Responder
  • Recommend GVO – Host Then Profit – Most affordable and includes hosting for your personal blog
  • Setup a Campaign With a Series of Letters about Your Products and Services

Example Auto-Responder Series

  1. Hello & Welcome
  2. Blog Post about your main business
  3. Are we connected on Skype
  4. Recommended auto-responder (GVO)
  5. Blog Post about the products you are using
  6. Invitation to connect on Facebook
  7. Recommended Training Program
  8. Blog Post about Tracking
  9. Invitation to Twitter
  10. Recommend and Advertising resource
  11. Blog post about a service you offer

Continued follow-up with Blog posts – every time you write a new blog post, you can add it as a follow up message for your subscribers

Continue to add letters for each program you belong to … including all your affiliate programs and money making adventures – and remember to add a message for each blog post you write!

Whenever you join a new resource or program, create a follow-up message in your auto-responder series for your subscribers.

Lead Capture Page

Page with your Auto-Responder Form to capture leads.  Give away a product, report, or offer tips and strategies on a particular subject. Offer something to attract subscribers.  Include your Picture and info on the page.


Your Blog –  Write about your products and services. Share with your subscribers and on Social networks

Adding to Your Funnel

Creating Multiple Income Streams ~ Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome? Add those shiny objects as simple recommendations in your Email Follow Up Series!!

Filling The Marketing Funnel

Advertise Your Lead Capture Page and attract subscribers to your list
Add personal follow-up with broadcast emails.

Continue to Feed Your Funnel EVERY DAY – #1 FOCUS

The Funnel Process

Send Traffic to your Lead Capture Page to Build Your List of Subscribers. Your new subscribers receive your follow up messages about your programs and services and SHINY OBJECTS!  Feed Your Funnel DAILY (Advertising) and Follow Up (Personally)

The Best Internet Marketing Funnel

Build 10+ income streams by building your list of subscribers! Simple steps to setup a lead capture page and invite subscribers. Complete instructions included with membership.

FREE TO JOIN ~ Add Your Shiny Objects to CLB!

Don and I are here to be of service to help you learn to adapt these simple strategies to your life and your business.

Janet & Don Legere

The Contact List Builder
Skype janetlegere or don.legere

How To Make First Contact

How To Make First Contact

  • Webinar Replay
  • Why is Making Contact So Important
  • When should you make first contact
  • How does your auto-responder work
  • Types of follow up to make first contact

Webinar Replay

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Why is Making Contact So Important

Where the trust aspect of marketing begins

Learn to be “INTERESTED” rather than interesting!

Where your prospects get to know who you are and what YOU are all about – this is how they get to know the real you, not the marketing you J Where your prospects discover more about how and why you do business the way you do and how this will be of benefit to them

Where your prospects discover what they are looking for!

When should you make first contact

Every chance you get!

  • When someone subscribes to your list
  • When someone adds you to Facebook, Skype or other Social Media
  • When someone joins you in a program

How often should I make contact

  • At minimum, you want to send a personal broadcast to your lists at least once a week or whenever you have something important to share that will be of benefit to them in some way

You will set appointments to follow up further with your prospects, make sure you keep those!

How does your auto-responder work

Why do I need to make contact, doesn’t my auto-responder do that?

It’s important that your prospects get to know the real you.  Your auto-responder educates your reader on your business and introduces them to your products and services that you offer and recommend.

Personal follow up and making contact allows your prospects to get to know the real person behind the emails and gives you an opportunity to engage

Types of follow up to make first contact

New Subscribers

Add new subscribers to your Skype.  Search for new subscribers on Facebook or other social networks.  Send a personal welcome.  Pick up the phone and Call!

Do all you can to make first contact with everyone who leaves you their contact information.  Your goal is to sort through and find those gems 😉

New Referrals

Send a personal email to welcome them and direct them where to begin, how to connect with you, what to expect from you, etc.

Add your new referral to Skype (HINT:  if you do not have their Skype ID you can invite them to Skype using their email address)

If you have a phone number, give them a call to welcome them and see if they have questions.  If they did not leave their phone number, ask for it in your follow up email J

New Friends on Social Networks

When someone adds you, send them a thank you message and offer to connect. Check out their profile to see what you may have in common. Reach out and have a conversation!

As Marshall Sylver would say:   “Be interested rather than interesting!”

New Skype Contacts

When someone requests you add them, check their profile or send a message first to make first contact to avoid “spammers and scammers”.

When someone accepts your contact request, connect as soon as possible and engage your new contact in conversation – ask questions and find out what they are looking for online.

When you do make first contact and feel comfortable in the conversation, offer to have a “Skype call” and talk to your new contact, there is nothing like hearing someone’s voice on the other end.

New Business Leads

As you begin to attract leads for you specific business, you want to make sure you connect and call these leads to make first contct and find out what they are looking for in a home business and how you can help them get it.

Your “job” is to find out what your leads and prospects are really looking for then show them how  you and your business/product/service can help them achieve what they are looking for

Engage your leads – be interested in them!


Have Fun Making First Contact


Janet Legere
Skype janetlegere

PS: Learn the Strategies of Successful Internet Marketers

At Contact List Builder, we show you HOW to use all those great tools to build your list and create your personal brand.

Come join the Team Who Cares!

Learn how to Thrive

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Webinar Replay

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar


What is an Affiliate Program?

A program where you can join for free and promote someone else’s products or services and earn a commission on sales

Examples:  Clickbank; JVZoo; Contact List Builder; Safelists, Traffic Exchanges

How do you market an Affiliate Program?

Advertise a Lead Capture Page to Build Your List and Then Introduce Your Affiliate Program or Product to Your Subscribers

This is my number 1 way to market because my number one objective is to build my list and market my products and services to my list

Write a Blog Post About the Products or Services Offered By the Affiliate Program

Create a Facebook Page About the Product or Service Offered

Create a Rev Page at Apsense About the Product or Service

Write a “press release” at IBO Toolbox to introduce your affiliate program or product to IBO Toolbox members

Lead Capture Pages

If your affiliate program does not include a lead capture page system, you can create your own lead capture page using the AdKreator program


The Use of a Funnel System Makes Affiliate Marketing Simple.

How do I create a funnel?

Build Your List Then Create a Funnel Through Your Auto-Responder.

Create a Follow Up Email With a Recommendation For Each Affiliate Product or Service That You Offer

Where to find the best help?

Contact List Builder – Ready Set Go Marketing System

Complete Steps To Setup And Use A Lead Capture Page And Build Your List.  Use Our Preformatted Designs Or Create Your Own.  Simple Steps Show You How.

Discover Simple Steps to Get Started Online

images (6)Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. Join and Setup a Funded System
  2. Setup Your Lead Capture Page
  3. Advertise Your Lead Capture Page

Join a Funded System

What is a Funded System?

A program where you can send traffic to a lead capture page where your subscriber is then introduced to a system of marketing programs.  As your subscriber joins and upgrades in the marketing programs, you earn a commission and these commissions then “fund” your own marketing.

In other words, your leads are paying for YOU to build your business!


Recommended Systems?

Contact List Builder is our number one choice!  Discover simple list building strategies that help you grow your business online.  Step by step, easy to follow instructions show you how to setup your auto-responder, create a lead capture page and advertise your new page.  A complete system designed to help you grow and develop your online skills!

Setup Your Funded System

1.  Setup Your Profile

2.  Setup The Downline Builder

NOTE:  A good funded system will include a downline builder!

Add the ids and usernames of the programs you already belong to and only join new programs when you are ready

3.  Setup Your Auto-Responder

4.  Setup Your Lead Capture Page

Setup Your Lead Capture Page

Contact List Builder

Step by step instructions to setup a Lead Capture Page with AdKreator and GVO Auto-Responder.  Easy to follow instructions using templates that are ready to use!  Copy, paste, edit, save.

Your Own Lead Capture Page

For your own product or opportunity (hosted on your own website) or through another system (Curation Works, Pure Leverage, Simple Money System)


Advertise Your Lead Capture Page

Traffic Exchanges – members ‘surf’ to view other members’ sites

Safelists / Credit Lists advertising to other Internet Marketers

Solo Ads – advertising to other people’s lists! 

Social NetworksMaking friends and finding partners


Your focus online is to learn how to build a list of subscribers who can learn about your business.  With a “funded” system, you can be earning an income while you are learning to build a list and your business online.  Your leads are paying YOU to learn!

Webinar Replay

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