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Advertising Tips and Strategies

Advertising Tips and Strategies

  • What you will need
  • Advertising Resources
  • Advertising Idea
  • Webinar Replay

What you will need

You will need a Personalized Lead Capture Page that is attached to your Auto-Responder.  You’ll need your Ad Copy (Swipe file) and good Advertising Resources.

You can learn how to setup a Personalized Lead Capture page at the Contact List Builder.

Advertising Resources


Solo Ads

Solo Ad Providers are not all created equal. You want to do your homework and check with their recommendations and also connect with their past clients if possible.

Solos range in cost from .35 to $1.00 per click. A good average is .50 to .70 per click.

Use recommended sources – UDIMI.  At UDIMI, you can connect with the Solo provider directly and also check with past clients, read their reviews and connect with them directly.

You will submit an ad that advertises Your Lead Capture Page.

Safelists & Traffic Exchanges


Safelists do work and are one of my best resources, outside of Solo Ads.

It’s best to join one at a time and setup your email filters to handle your safelist emails that you will receive.

For each Safelist you join you want to setup your profile, banner ads, text ads and then schedule your ads to be sent.

Upgrade!! I recommend you upgrade in one good Viral Mailer each month. You will soon have a good portfolio of resources.

Traffic Exchanges

Join 3 to 5 of the top exchanges

Sweeva, EasyHits4U, TopTierTraffic, PG Traffic, TrafficSwarm

Setup your profile, banner ads, text ads. Setup your site – be sure to Advertise Your Lead Capture Page!

Schedule to surf 50 to 100 pages a day at each exchange.  I recommend no more than 30 to 60 minutes of surfing a day.

Social Networks



Search for people in your area and then send a message.  DO NOT ADD as a friend until you hear back.

Send them a short message and then visit their profile, like some of their photos, review their posts if you see them.  They will get notice of your activity and will be more likely to pay attention to your message …

Hello NAME, I am connecting with people in the _______ area.  I noticed you are involved in Network Marketing and I am wondering if you have heard of _____________ yet?

When they follow up, then you can add them as a friend, have a conversation and sign them up 😉

If they are not interested, simply say thank you – let’s do keep in touch!


LinkedIn is a powerful resource and offers many ways to make contact

  1. Congratulate members
  2. Wish Happy Birthday
  3. Make Contact with Follow up Message

Thanks for connecting, let’s connect on Skype too

Hi ,

Thanks for connecting!

I’d really like to connect on Skype and invite you to add me as contact there.  My Skype username is {YOUR SKYPE ID}.  Feel free to share what you do. I love to hear other people’s stories.

By the way, have you heard of _______________ yet?

I look forward to connecting, Talk soon,

Your Name
Your Contact Information
Your Facebook Link
Your Business URL


Apsense is a Business Social Network where you can connect with new members, create a Review Page (Rev Page) and setup a “Brand Page”.  There are several ways to advertise to Apsense members.

Other Social Platforms

Google+, Sokule, Viral Networks, AdlandPro, IBOToolbox

Use similar strategies on ALL Social Networks!

Connect, Congratulate, INVITE



Add Skype IDs from Safelists and Social Networks.  IBO Tool Box is a great resource for Skype contacts.  Add your Skype contacts to a list.

I use a program called Use Seek & Send to connect with my list of contacts and the click of a button.

Connect, Communicate, INVITE

Your Blog

Write about your products and services.  Curate Content relative to your NICHE!

Share with your subscribers and on Social networks

Advertising Ideas

How much time should I spend advertising?

1 to 3 hours a day is all you need!

Spend the rest of the time following up, working with your team!

The Best Place to Learn

The Contact List Builder

  • Build 10+ income streams by building your list of subscribers!
  • Simple steps to setup a lead capture page and invite subscribers
  • Complete instructions included with membership
  • Add Your Shiny Objects to CLB!

Webinar Replay

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