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Build Your List With a Free Report

How to Use a Free Report to Build Your List

Giving away a free report is one of the quickest ways to build your list and build your personal brand.  Janet shares some strategies to easily create a free report and give it away.  Don talked about Part II of Money Consciousness.  What’s Your relationship with money?

Enjoy the replay of this live webinar here:

Build Your List With a Free Report

What you will need

  • A free report
  • A blog
  • An auto-responder

How to write a report

  • Select your topic
  • Tips
  • Strategies
  • Secrets
  • Convert your report to PDF
  • Upload to your domain

How to write a report – The Alternative

  • Use a re-brandable report or PLR product such at the Webinar Riches Report
  • Free rebranding
  • Free How-To videos

How to put it together

  • Setup your blog
  • Setup your auto-responder campaign
  • Setup thank you page with report link
  • Add subscriber form
  • Setup widgets
  • Write an invitation
  • Record a video invitation

Webinar Riches Report How To Videos

  • How to re-brand your copy of the Webinar Riches Report
  • How to Install a Blog to give away your re-branded report
  • How to Upload Your Re-Branded WebinarRichesReport.pdf
  • How To Create Your Auto-Responder Campaign
  • How To Create Your Optin and Follow-up Messages
  • How To Create A Subscriber Form
  • How To Add A Subscriber Form To Your Blog
  • How To Add A Post To Your Blog
  • How To Record And Embed Your Video
  • How To Create Your thankyou.html Page

How to get subscribers

  • Share on Facebook
  • Traffic exchanges
  • Safelists
  • Credit based lists
  • Ezine Solo Ads
  • Skype contacts

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