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Affiliate Marketing Basics

Affiliate Marketing Basics

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What is an Affiliate Program?

A program where you can join for free and promote someone else’s products or services and earn a commission on sales

Examples:  Clickbank; JVZoo; Contact List Builder; Safelists, Traffic Exchanges

How do you market an Affiliate Program?

Advertise a Lead Capture Page to Build Your List and Then Introduce Your Affiliate Program or Product to Your Subscribers

This is my number 1 way to market because my number one objective is to build my list and market my products and services to my list

Write a Blog Post About the Products or Services Offered By the Affiliate Program

Create a Facebook Page About the Product or Service Offered

Create a Rev Page at Apsense About the Product or Service

Write a “press release” at IBO Toolbox to introduce your affiliate program or product to IBO Toolbox members

Lead Capture Pages

If your affiliate program does not include a lead capture page system, you can create your own lead capture page using the AdKreator program


The Use of a Funnel System Makes Affiliate Marketing Simple.

How do I create a funnel?

Build Your List Then Create a Funnel Through Your Auto-Responder.

Create a Follow Up Email With a Recommendation For Each Affiliate Product or Service That You Offer

Where to find the best help?

Contact List Builder – Ready Set Go Marketing System

Complete Steps To Setup And Use A Lead Capture Page And Build Your List.  Use Our Preformatted Designs Or Create Your Own.  Simple Steps Show You How.

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