Get Live Training

With Janet & Don Legere

Get Live Training - With Janet & Don Legere

10 Step Success System

The 10 Steps to Success with Janet Legere

This week at Get Live Training, Don talked about EGO and Janet went through the 10 Step to Success as outlined in Devlyn Steele’s Resolution Success System

The Resolution Success System 10 Steps

In Today’s training, Janet covered the 10 Steps of the RSS guide.  Here are the 10 steps you can use for ANY goal for any 30 day period.

  1. Learn and Use this Success System
  2. Pick One and Get it Done
  3. Divide and Conquer
  4. The Rule of 20
  5. Be Proud and Be Clear!
  6. See it to achieve it
  7. Act as if
  8. The Law of Effort
  9. The Law of Consistency
  10. Lather Rinse Repeat

Commit to using the Resolution Success System for 30 days.  As Devlyn Steele says, “..after all, what’s 30 days?”.

Download the Resolution Success System

Click Here to Open, then Print a copy of the RSS guide. Get our your pen or pencil and start!

Enjoy the replay of this great webinar:

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